SpeedSet Plus - Adjustable Internal Doorset by Premdor

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SpeedSet Plus

SpeedSet Plus

SpeedSet Plus is a revolutionary adjustable internal doorset, exclusive to Premdor. This prefabricated doorset is suitable for both new build and renovation projects and has been designed to significantly reduce door installation times to just 20 minutes.

The SpeedSet Plus doorset system also allows for easy adjustment to accommodate variations within a given wall thickness (now up to 300mm); a common problem encountered on-site, resulting in delays and extended completion dates.

The SpeedSet Plus doorset is suitable for a wide-range of applications and is also available as an FD30 fire door option.

SpeedSet Plus doorset kit includes: Doors (choose from the Premdor interior door range) are factory pre-hung on CE marked adjustable chrome effect or white hinges. Doorset also includes factory fitted CE Marked door latches and white recoatable foil-faced finish frame and pre-mitred architrave that require minimum on-site decoration (Pencil Round, Ogee and Torus architrave styles available). Read more...

Glazed Moulded
Paint Grades

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  • SpeedSet Plus is an adjustable doorset that allows for simple and easy modification for wall thickness variation.
  • Speedset Plus doorsets can be rapidly installed in less than 20 minutes.
  • These simple to install and easy to adjust doorsets eliminate the need for costly joinery skills and reduces the impact of shortages of skilled construction labour.
  • Door is supplied pre-hung with CE Marked latch and adjustable hinges as standard
  • Supplied with white recoatable foil-faced finish frame and pre-mitred architrave that require minimum decoration.
  • Frame to wall fixings are hidden by the chosen architrave for a professional look and finish.
  • Screws are plated eliminating unsightly rust.
  • Available with Premdor's Standard Core, Semi Solid, Safe 'n' Sound and FD30 fire doors. FD30 fire doors are fully BWF-Certifire approved.
  • Sound reducing 29dB option and glazed and door pair options available.
  • The risk of on-site damage is dramatically reduced as SpeedSet Plus doorsets are traditionally delivered and fitted later in the build programme, usually in plot lots.

- For internal use only. Suitable for new build dwellings and renovation projects. For use with selected doors from the Premdor interior door range.

Always check specific project requirements against Building Regulations prior to ordering. If in doubt, please contact the Doorset Team.


Access and Facilities for Disabled Facilities - Building Regulations Part M (England & Wales) / Building Regulations Part R (Northern Ireland).

SpeedSet Plus doorsets are available in a variety of door widths to meet the regulations and specific project requirements. Please note, that these regulations include specific requirements, such as unobstructed space on the opening side of the door and the location of glazing panels.


Building Regulations Part F (England & Wales) / Scottish Technical Standards Part K (Scotland) / Building Regulations Part K (Northern Ireland).

Changes to Building Regulations Part F now require the installation of all interior doors to incorporate a typical threshold gap of 10mm. Responsibility for compliance is with the door installer, who must modify the frame jamb position or length according to the adjacent finished floor level.

Fire Safety

Building Regulations Part B (England & Wales) / Scottish Technical Standards Part 2 (Scotland) / Building Regulations Part E (Northern Ireland).

SpeedSet Plus fire doorsets are FD30 Certifire approved and formally tested to BS 476 Part 22.

SpeedSet Plus Structural Openings

Download SpeedSet Plus Doorset Structural Openings

Lining Dimensions

Download SpeedSet Plus Doorset Lining Dimensions

Image demonstrates available wall width options that can be adjusted if variations within a given wall thickness occur.

Operational Drawing

Download SpeedSet Plus Doorset Operational Drawing

Image demonstrates how the doorset can be adjusted if variations within a given wall thickness occur.

Door Handings

Download SpeedSet Plus Doorset Handings Document

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors are supplied with glass meeting the requirements of BS EN 12600.

Glazing beads are either solid timber or wrapped MDF at Premdor's option.

Canadian Range doors feature individual glass pieces, bevelled on one side with brass or chrome effect glazing bars.

Manhattan Range doors are made with a single piece of glass with applied white leaded tape on both sides to create a multi-pane effect.

Factory glazed fire doors are available with either clear or wired glass.


Pairs of doors are typically supplied with square (unrebated) meeting stiles. For ease of handling, paired doorsets are delivered unassembled.


All SpeedSet Plus doorsets are supplied with 1½ pairs of CE marked adjustable hinges as standard.

Reduced Height Doors

Reduced door heights are available e.g. for understairs access.

Storey Height Doors

Storey height doorsets are available.

Sound Reduction

Doorsets with improved sound reduction for use within domestic dwellings are available. Please contact us for more information and availability.


Important Information - Ordering, Storage, Handling, Installation, Decoration, Maintenance and Warranties

For further information relating to SpeedSet Plus doorsets, please visit the Doorset FAQs page.

Full installation instructions are supplied with each SpeedSet Plus doorset.

SpeedSet Plus Doorset Installation Guide

It's easy to install a SpeedSet Plus doorset. WATCH our short YouTube tutorial and find out how.