Trends for 2016 - Classic & Natural

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Trends for 2016 - Classic & Natural

Published 16/05/2016

Can on trend interior colour palettes stand the test of time? –

Scandinavian and Classic influences ensure that the colours of 2016 are here to stay

If you are considering revamping your home, a good place to start is with the colour scheme. Every year colour trends change and evolve and naturally some schemes will be more ‘user friendly’ than others, meaning that selecting an on-trend palette can sometimes come with the risk of the theme easily dating.

Choosing a palette that will stand the test of time, whilst also reflecting current trends can be tricky, but not this year! The trends for 2016 (namely Natural and Classic) are largely inspired by Minimalist and Scandinavian design, two themes that are renowned for being chic, stylish and ultimately timeless.

Read on to discover the colour and design schemes for 2016 and obtain expert advice on creating your dream home from Rebecca Snowden, an Interior Design Advisor at Furniture Choice.

Find out: -

  • How to create a Natural Scandinavian or Classic minimalist theme for your interiors.
  • Why the Classic look is so versatile.
  • How to choose the right décor and accessories to complement your chosen scheme.

The natural look

The main intention of the Scandinavian theme is to create a relaxed and calm environment for a busy modern life. The subdued colours and patterns of the Scandinavian trend can be traced back to the 1950s and the furniture designs by Heals. Whilst this has remained consistently popular, it has seen a re-emergence recently. Wide grained wood is synonymous with this theme and features heavily in the Natural collection within Premdor’s new Portfolio range of veneered doors. These designs are suited to any interior and are ideal for use throughout the home.

In terms of colour, a lighter colour palette is best suited to this scheme, although deep indigo can also create a striking contrast. Natural wooden floors are also great for creating a relaxed and serene environment, further evoking the feeling of a Nordic setting.

Top tips for creating a Scandinavian inspired space

We enlisted the expertise of Interior Designer Rebecca Snowden to advise us on how to create a Scandinavian-inspired space. She also made some suggestions on how Premdor’s Natural Portfolio collection of doors can be used to complement the Scandinavian look. Here are her top tips: -

  1. Scandinavian style is definitely one of the most versatile themes and easy to make your own. As the style is quite neutral this allows you to really go to town with accessories and change a room’s entire feel just by making a few small changes. Great for putting a bit of your own personality into a room!
  2. A minimal Scandinavian setting is one of the easiest to add colour to as it acts as a blank canvas. For the popular artisan look, simply add a traditional kilim rug, Aztec patterned pillows and patterned ceramic ornaments.
  3. If a trendy retro style is more your thing, then add pictures with colourful geometric shapes, choose neutral mid-century style furniture and pick a teal shade of wood.
  4. Add small splashes of colour with cushions, plants or a feature wall.
  5. Nothing clashes with Scandi style, so if you have a favourite theme or love a particular colour then just go for it.
  6. A Scandinavian room can be modern or retro, busy or minimal, colourful or neutral.
  7. Scandinavian inspired doors are great for homes where you want a blank canvas and don’t wish to be tied down to any particular style or era. It’s a practical choice as well as a stylish one and would lend itself to most themes.
  8. As a personal favourite, I’d have to opt for a Scandi door in a room with a retro 60s vibe because I think the two styles go hand in hand. Known for its clean lines and practicality, Scandinavian style creates a calm, relaxed setting free from clutter.

Keeping it Classic

Another theme that refuses to go out of style is the Classic look, a popular choice due to its traditional, clean lines and versatility. As highlighted within Premdor’s Portfolio collection, Classic styles can be incorporated into almost any domestic setting - from traditional period homes and new builds to modern apartments and even converted factory floors.

The colours from 2016’s palette that go particularly well with the Classic theme are yellow and meadow green. These colours blend in well to create a relaxed and comforting environment for your home. Materials such as Walnut and Oak, are also key to the Classic theme, particularly suiting barn conversions and older buildings as they complement the original features while providing a modern twist.

Attention to detail

Accessories and décor can make or break the overall look of a room. This year, as we have previously discussed, it’s all about simplicity and minimalism. When it comes to minimalism, less is obviously more but make sure that it is show stopping! Complement the Natural collection with the following features: -

Bring the outside in - Accessorise the space with fresh, low maintenance house plants. Succulents like aloe or sempervivums add to the Scandinavian theme, whilst providing a fresh breath of life into your décor. Filling vintage pots with fresh cut blooms also adds a friendly vibe.

Rustic appeal - Chunky, rustic wooden shelves and decorations crafted from driftwood can also be effective and fit well into the Scandinavian feel.

All that glitters - Gold items can look very chic against a subdued setting, but don’t overdo it. Stick to the rule of having one gold decoration per room, such as a photo frame, otherwise it will look gaudy. Opt for rusty looking gold paint too, rather than the overbearing solid gold objects.

These features are great for complementing the Classic collection: -

Anything goes - The Classic range offers an even wider range of options due to the versatility of the theme. Houses with panels and exposed beams will complement this range especially well, as will sharp modern designs.

Mix and Match - For décor, browse antique shops for vintage kettles or ornate vases and pair these with modern throw rugs and simple wooden photo frames.

Picture this - For modern builds, collages and large family photos will give a personal touch and a simple way to decorate.

Opening the door to fresh design

Once you have decided on your colour palette and selected complementary furniture and accessories, why not add the perfect finishing touch to your space by replacing the doors to reflect the style of your home? Doors are one of the most used fittings in the home but often the most overlooked. Premdor’s new Portfolio range of high-quality veneered doors are designed with style and longevity in mind and will undoubtedly make an impact to your space, whilst remaining neutral enough to stand the test of time.