The Beauty of Veneered Doors

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The Beauty of Veneered Doors

Published 12/10/2015


The Beauty of Veneered Doors

In our first blog of the New Year, Jon Walker discusses the benefits of veneered doors and what we can expect from the veneered door market in 2015.

Those thinking of replacing their interior doors have never had as much door choice as they do in 2015. With a variety of different styles, designs, colours and glazing options, the (door) world is your oyster.

Why Veneered Doors?

Whilst moulded panel doors remain ever-popular, particularly within new-build developments, doors that utilise wood finishes, colours or textures are enjoying a resurrection. Whilst white moulded panel doors suit more traditional and conventional interiors, flush doors, such as veneered doors, are perfect for more contemporary dwellings.

Flawlessly smooth and stylish, veneered doors perfectly complement minimalistic décors and effortlessly exhibit real wood grain patterns, unique to each and every door.

Manufacturers can offer real-wood veneered doors in a variety of finishes and colours, some traditional and some more contemporary. Due to the increased popularity of such doors, many manufacturers also offer veneered doors with a variety of glazing designs, allowing homeowners to select an original and unique door for their home. Glazed doors also add light and character to what may be otherwise a dank and dreary room.

How is a Veneered Door Made?

The veneer door has witnessed an unprecedented increase in popularity mainly due to their affordability, and practicality, when we compare such doors with solid wood doors. Veneered doors are created by hand-laying high-quality natural timber veneers over both faces of the door’s core, whilst also concealing the edges of the door. This gives the end-user the impression of a solid wood door, without the price tag and the risk of warping or splitting. Those who are passionate for the environment will also be pleased to discover that the use of veneered doors has much less impact on the environment when compared to solid wood doors since the sheer volume of material used is dramatically reduced. Veneered doors can also be provided with FSC® and / or PEFC certification for added reassurance.

For those who require a heavy-duty door, many door manufacturers can provide robust solid core constructions, which are not only durable, but provide improved acoustic properties, perfect for a noisy family home. With the advent of Building Regulations, particularly those governing new-build properties, thirty-minute and sixty-minute fire doors are also available from prime UK door manufacturers.

Matching Veneers.

It has to be said that many have steered clear of veneered doors for commercial end-uses, such as hotels and office complexes, despite their natural and sustainable qualities. This has been combated by the launch of matching veneered doors, which offer true veneer consistency of grain pattern and colour between each and every door – perfect for corridor locations or when a consistent appearance is required. Matching veneer doors are continuously evolving with manufacturers launching more contemporary and on-trend styles and designs, such as 2 Stile and horizontal grain designs.

The future is certainly looking very promising for veneered doors…