Page 89 - Premdor Range Guide 2017-2018
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Chrome effect glazing bar
The premium Canadian glazed collection encompasses a sophisticated range of elegantly designed doors, all supplied with individual clear bevelled glass panels. Available in four re ned designs, each door harnesses
its own individual style, providing natural light and an original  nish to any home.
• Chrome effect glazing bar construction creates the six or ten light design.
• Individual clear bevelled glass panels toughened to BS EN 12600.
• Paper wrapped MDF or timber glazing cassette (at our option).
• When hanging pairs, ensure glass bevel is on the same side on both doors.
• Quality smooth or textured moulded panel facings.
• White base coated faces.
• Option Plus factory servicing is available, see page 164 for details.
• Pair maker available allowing for the creation of a door pair with any 35mm internal door.
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Saskatchewan 6 light clear glazed

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