Page 83 - Premdor Range Guide 2017-2018
P. 83

FSC® – applies to Standard Core and Firemaster ranges.
PEFC – applies to Semi Solid Core, Safe ‘N’ Sound and Fireshield ranges.
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4 panel smooth
4 panel arch top textured
Combining a traditional look with unparalleled performance properties, the enticing 4 panel moulded is available in either a delectably smooth  nish or a realistic wood- grain texture with the four bold panels providing prominence to any room within the home.
• Quality moulded panel facings.
• White base coated faces.
• 4 panel textured and smooth faces suitable for painting.
• Glazed options available, see pages 88-93.
• Various core weight options available.
• Option Plus factory servicing is available, see page 164 for details.
• FD30 Fire doors can now be trimmed by up to 10mm on the two long edges and bottom of the door. Making  tting simpler and more  exible for the installer.

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