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  Traditional Oak
The traditional oak selection has all the majestic properties expected of oak doors.
All doors exploit raised and  elded or  at recessed panels to add stunning de nition, in an array of designs. Available un nished or pre- nished with a high-performance three- coat system, FD30  re doors and glazed options complete this range.
  Shaker Oak
Available in an on-trend 1930’s design or a conventional 4 panel option, the shaker oak range perfectly complements both modern and traditional interiors. Incorporating three enlightening glazed options, the range includes FD30  re doors. All shaker oak doors are supplied un nished for staining or painting to the desired colour.
  Contemporary Oak
Premdor’s contemporary oak range now includes an expanded range of styles and sizes, including two factory glazed  re door options. Faced with real oak veneers and incorporating a robust solid core, some doors within this range are available either un nished or pre- nished.
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