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 Why choose products with third party accreditation?
 Manufacturers often make claims that their products are tested and achieve a certain performance level. But did the products pass that test? And if so, then how do they prove it?
It is important for a manufacturer to demonstrate that the products they make are consistently ‘ t for purpose’ and that passing the  re test wasn’t a one-off event.
Third-party certi cation tests and veri es a  re door’s design, performance, manufacturing process and quality assurance from manufacture to the point of installation.
The company is independently audited to ensure that all manufacturing processes and manufacturing control systems are in place to ensure consistent performance with the product that was  re tested.
The product is subjected to regular scrutiny, with frequent testing taking place on standard products to ensure that passing the test wasn’t just a once- only event.
Make sure your  re doors are safe and you ful l your responsibilities by only using third-party certi cated and accredited  re doors and compatible components.
All Premdor Moulded, Veneer, Laminate and Paint grade internal  re doors are all BWF-Certi re accredited.
  Look out for BWF-CERTIFIRE on all cert re doors
The BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door and Doorset Scheme, established by the  re door manufacturing industry, aims to promote the importance of using third party certi cated  re doors as vital component of any passive  re plan. The scheme offers clear and simple methods of tracing a  re door back through all stages of manufacture to ensure the quality of manufacture and maintain the certi cation. It also acts to bring together  re door manufacturers, their suppliers, door converters,
merchants and installers to work in an alliance across the supply chain.
The whole purpose of the scheme is to give con dence in the quality and performance of  re doors to speci ers, enforcement authorities, building owners and occupiers.
The scheme’s certi cation partner audits, tests and veri es a  re doors design, performance, manufacturing process and the associated procedures, quality assurance,
and the audit trail from manufacture to installation.
Resources and information:
For a host of invaluable information and resources about  re doors visit www.bwfcerti
Useful information includes:
Fact cards
‘How to’ guides & directories Videos & training
New best practice guide
          for distributor & technical information | 0844 209 0008 |
The BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door Scheme was established to improve the standard of  re doors across the supply chain. The scheme is operated and managed by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF).
Fire doors purchased from manufacturers who are members of the scheme means: • Products will ful l the demand for certi ed  re doors
• All  re doors are part of the market leading 3rd party accreditation scheme

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