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All of our sets incorporate double weather and draught seals.
This does not affect your statutory rights.
Factory  tted glass carries a 5 year guarantee.
Guaranteed for 10 years against doors and hardware manufacturers defects.
Composite doors Care of composite doors
Composite doors will stay in top condition with just one clean per month. Keep the grime and grit away with warm soapy water (not washing up liquid) and wipe with a soft cloth. The door frame can be washed with warm soapy water however stubborn stains may require a
French and folding
specialised PVC-U cleaner (read the cleaner guidelines
carefully). Hardware should be wiped down with a clean
To keep hinges at their best
lubricate with a little light
engineering oil. Cylinder locks need lubricating with a
doorsets Doorset
The  nished frame height is 2074mm for french doors and 2090mm for the folding doors.
folding doors face. The coating will last longer in a sheltered or north facing site. However, if the site is south facing, or in a heavy weather exposure area, we
recommend checking for break down every six months
We recommend that your door set is maintained and
re nished using medium or high-build microporous
wood  nishes. In addition, it’s better to r4e Dnoisohr asLesfotonpeningGuarantees as you see any breakdown of the  nish. Don’t wait until
it’s too late and the  nish has completely broken down
FrenIcnhtesrentsalopen outwards and thanks to our unique Internal
reversible technology, either the left or right door can
Guarantees are subject to the products being treated
3 Door Left opening
3 DoboeruseLdefatsotphenminagin opening door. Right openRinight opening
Internal Internal
3Door L3efDtopoerninLgeftopening
Right opening
greater the energy saving. For further information see Building Regulations Part L.
‘U’ Values
Folding doors • Part ‘L’ 1.5 W/(m2k) • Glass 1.1 W/(m2k)
Folding sets are reversible from the same set for left or right opening which can be chosen on site.
The 24mm double glazed units incorporate special
Low ‘ER’igthhetrmopaRel ignlhiantsgsopweitnhinagn argon  lling to enhance
the thermal performance, the double glazed units are
 tted into the doors so there is no glaz4inDgoreoqruiLred4ftoDonopoenr inLgeft opening Right opening site. The glass is toughened to the 2 latest European
standards BS EN 12150 and BS EN 12600.
The sets have been factory  nished with 3 coats
of hig4hD-bouoildr mLiecfrtopoopreonuisng nish applied and ready
4 Door Left opening Right openRinight openinTghermal ef ciency
Composite doors are low maintenance – you’ll  nd a little care every six monthIsntgeorensaal very long way.
3 Door Left opening
The length of time between re-coating depends greatly
on exposure to weather and the direction the sliding/
after the hardware on your door if you live near or by an industrial estate, add a touch of light engineering oil on all moving parts.
accredited testing company. The ‘U’ value indicates
thermal ef ciency (W/m K). The lower the rating the
after purchase and re-coating if necessary.
allowing moisture into the wood.
We do not recommend the use of yacht
in accordance with Premdor’s instructions for storage,
handling, installation, maintenance and use and
exclude ironmongery where applicable. Failure to
follow these instructions may invalidate your guarantee.
4 Door Left opening varnish, waxes or oil applications to pre-
 nish our doorsets for external use. Weather protection
Right opening
Locking systems and ironmongery
The doorsets are supplied with a multi-point locking
system. The handles are of a chrome effect and are supplied loose, ready for  tting on site.3 Door 3R
Ordering 3L
All prices exclude VAT. Speci cations may vary at
our option.
cloth, warm water and a mild detergent, then simply
wipe clean to a shine. 3 Door Left openingTe on based lubricant. It is especially important to look
Right opening
French doors • Part ‘L’ 1.7 W/(m2k) • Glass 1.1 W/(m2k)
External - All external sets open to the outside
to install on site without further  nishing. One total immersion dip coat and 2 top coats. The  nish incorporates maximum UV protection.
It is very important that the  nish on your door set is checked and re-coated after 12 months (six months in coastal areas). This will maintain the decorative  nish
u 0.00 The Building Regulation Part L rating of 2
Right opening
are indicated alongside products for guidance only. Values shown are independently tested by an
and enRsiguhret tohpaet noinmg oisture enters the timber of the doors and frames during the life of the product.
6’ Brickwork size 1800 x 2100mm
7’ Brickwork size 2100 x 2100mm
5 door con guration
6 door con guration
14’ Brickwork size 4200 x 2100mm 16’ Brickwork size 4800 x 2100mm
External - All external sets open to the outside External - All external sets open to the outside
8’ Brickwork size 2400 x 2100mm
9’ B3ricDkwoorrk size3R2700 x 2100mm 3Door 3R
External -EAxltlerxntearln-alAslel etsxtoeprnenaltsoethseopoeuntstidoethe outside
the wholeEsxeteisrn1a.7lW- /AmllKexwtehircnhalpsaestseosptheen to theHoauntsdidinegs and brickwork sizes:
regulations for refurbishment, extensions to existing
Choose between left or right handing – There is no need
3 Door 3R
dwellings or new build homes. The Low ‘E’ glass used
2 4Door 3R/1L has a 1.1W/m K rating. Please note that the ‘U’ Values
to order left or right3oLp/1eRning sets as our folding sets are all reversible and this can be chosen when the set arrives on site.All our folding doors fold outside to allow maximum use of space in your room.
3 Door 33RDoor 3R Brickwork sizes and how your folding doors open
3 door con guration 4 door con guration
3L 3L
4 Door 3R/1L 5 Door
Weather protection
10’ Brickwork size 3000 x 2100mm
12’ Brickwork size 3600 x 2100mm
43DLoor 3R4/1DLoor 3R/1L Inside
3L/1R 5R
5 Door
Looking from outside
ternal sets open to the outside
Looking from outside right hand opening
Looking from outside right hand opening
Looking from outside right hand opening
Looking from outside left hand opening
4Door 3R/1L
35L/D1Roor 5R 5R
Looking from outside left hand opening
4 Door 3R/1L
5 D3Lo/o1Rr
Looking from outside left hand opening
53DLo/o1Rr 5R 5 Door 5R
adequate coverage at least three coats of topcoat paint/ stain needs to be applied. All edges, rebates for glazing and any areas which have been cut, drilled, etc must be fully painted/stained to the same standard as the rest of the door.
Do not use oil (e.g. Danish oil) waxes, polishes or dyes as they do not properly seal the door and can lead to delamination of the veneer.
Coatings must be regularly maintained to prevent a breakdown of the protective paint or stain  lm, which can lead to moisture ingress/loss and deterioration of the door.
At annual intervals or more frequently if necessary, inspect and lubricate all ironmongery, hinges, pivoting and sliding parts. Inspect the condition of the decorative and glazing systems on all external joinery at maximum intervals of one year and carry out remedial work
as required.
Decoration should be carried out in accordance with BS 6150 and BS 8000 Part 5.
Products must be clean and dry prior to  nishing, having
It is recommended that exterior doors which are to be located in exposed areas should be protected by a canopy or porch.
Please note
Finger-jointed materials may be used in manufacture, enhancing product stability.
Timber door frames
If stored outside, the frame should be placed on level bearers and protected by a tarpaulin. There must be space for air to circulate around and between the frames.
Check that the frame is perfectly square by measuring the frame diagonals. These are exactly the same length if the frame is square.
NOTE: On external door frames for  re doors, the gap between the frame and brickwork must be packed with a non-combustible material, for example, mineral wool  bre.
a moisture content which is no greater than the average for the intended location. Always follow the instructions provided with the stain or paint which is to be applied. Where necessary, Shellac knotting may be applied to honey primed door frames to aid resistance to resin staining subsequent to paint  nishing.
The use of dark coloured paint  nishes should be avoided on all softwood external joinery to minimise solar gain. A neutral colour undercoat should be considered when it is desired to  nish frames in pastel shades.
It is important that the  nishing system is balanced by equal application to both sides at the same time to ensure that an imbalance of moisture does not occur, particularly in the decoration of doors.
The complete surface area should be fully treated with topcoat paint or stain prior to installation. To ensure
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