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External door general speci cation
Door speci cation (excluding FLB & LB)
Standard doors: 44mm (13/4”). Fireshield: 44mm (13/4”). Firemaster: 54mm (21/ ”).
When installing  ush or  re doors, if a letterplate is required this should be of the sleeved type to ensure protection against water ingress into the exposed door core. In  re doors letterplates must be Cert re approved  re resisting design.
Face  xed weatherboards
On timber doors a face  xed weather-board is required. Hardwood: Code 46979 Price £16.00.
Softwood: Code 45179 Price £16.00.
Fire doors
Premdor  re doors are compliant with British Standards and the BWF Certi re Scheme. See relevant data sheet for more details if required.
Fire door core
Exterior Flush  re doors feature a traditional framed construction.
Fireshield FD30 rated, when hung in appropriate frame with the correct intumescent strips in jambs and head, or top and long edges of the door. Glazed Fireshield doors are supplied with  re rated glass as standard. Please see data sheet attached to door.
Firemaster FD60  re rated when hung in appropriate frame with the correct intumescent strips in jambs and head, or top and long edges of door. Single FD60 exterior  ush doors cannot be used to form pairs. Please see data sheet attached to door.
Thermal ef ciency
‘U’ values are indicated alongside products in this section for guidance only. All values shown are manufacturers calculations, based on material content for an 838mm size door within a doorset. The ‘U’ value indicates the thermal ef ciency (w/m2/k) the lower the ‘U’ value the greater the energy saving.
Building regulations
Suitable for most ‘Part L’ projects.
Oak Part L feature doors
Exterior entrance doors for use in all new build and as replacement doors are required to have a thermally ef cient “U” value. The “U” value required for a particular application will be given in the local building regulations. The “U” values quoted in this Range Guide are manufacturer’s calculations based the door leaf being hung in a timber frame to produce a doorset size 1000mm x 2000mm.
Please check that the “U” value quoted in this Range Guide is low enough to meet the requirements of the building regulations in the place where the door will be installed.
External slab construction doors have 10mm lipping’s to each long edge. 19mm lipping’s to top and bottom. External stile and rail doors have 19mm lipping’s to all four edges of the door.
It is essential that doors be fully sealed and any air gaps plugged, immediately after delivery. They should be sealed and knotted and primed on both faces and all four edges, and should then be fully  nished, preferably before installation. Any surface subsequently cut should be primed before the door is  xed into position. This particularly applies when end grain is exposed.
It is essential that if the preservative seal is broken in
any way (e.g. trimmed, rilled or cut for letter box, hinges etc.) then any such exposed area should be preservative treated, painted/stained.
Decorative  nished products
Coated surfaces require regular maintenance and cleaning at least annually to remove surface pollution. Some ‘chalking’ of the  nish may occur over time due to natural erosion of the microporous paint  lm. This does not detract from the systems protective performance.
If it is necessary to reduce the size of the door, for external doors, do not trim more than 5mm from any side / top or bottom.
Finishing, use a high quality permeable, micro porous wood door  nish specially formulated for external doors.
Special order sizes
Premdor can only offer the sizes stated in the catalogue. Bespoke orders in this range are not available.
Please note Premdor’s Harwood feature doors, Softwood panel doors and Exterior  ush doors may not always be compatible with the building regulations that apply to new build or home extensions.
Guaranteed for 1, 2 or 5 years against manufacturing defects. Guarantees are subject to the products being treated in accordance with Premdor’s instructions for storage, handling, installation, maintenance and use and exclude ironmongery where applicable. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights.
Product availability
All items shown tint  ashed are normally
available on a reduced lead time. Some designs may be discontinued during the life of this Range Guide.
Door prices exclude glass, letterplate aperture, ironmongery and frames unless where otherwise stated. Doors supplied will require on site  nishing. When ordering always state product codes. All prices exclude VAT. Speci cations may vary at our discretion.
Timber door frames
Weather protection
To ensure doors and door frames provide adequate performance in exposed situations it is recommended that a porch or canopy is installed. Door frames are supplied with factory  tted weather strip. One hour  re door frame with a 57mm x 90mm head and jamb has 25mm (1”) rebates. Half hour  re door frames have the option with or without cill. The cill is  ush 50 x 78mm with the head and jambs 57 x 78mm.
Weatherbar set
Silver coloured aluminium low level weatherbar supplied loose for on site  tting as standard on mobility frames.
Frame  nishing
All softwood frames are vacuum preservative treated and supplied with a ‘Honey’ prime  nish.
Hardwood cills are supplied without a base coat stain.
Guaranteed for 30 years against fungal attack and rot (softwood only).
Guaranteed for ten years against manufacturers defects.
On occasion timber products may naturally exude
resin after installation. Typically, if resin is present this ‘bleeding’ cannot be prevented and Premdor are unable to accept liability.
Discolouration can occur which will require attention and maintenance to retain the aesthetics and integrity of the coating. On occasion timber products may exude resin after installation. Typically, if resin is present this ‘bleeding’ cannot be prevented. Discolouration can occur which will require attention and maintenance to retain the aesthetics and integrity of the coating. Resin exudation is excluded from our performance guarantee.
Exposure conditions can vary signi cantly according to location. South facing elevations and coastal sites will reduce to some extent the  nish life to  rst maintenance. Our guarantees are intended to cover reasonable average UK conditions.
Unglazed traditional hardwood, panel and  ush doors are supplied with bead packs as standard.
Glazing suitability
Unglazed exterior feature and panel doors are suitable for double glazing up to 14mm thick, unless indicated for single glazing only.
Traditional feature doors are not available factory glazed,  nished or serviced or as a doorset.
Garage doors are suitable for either single or 14mm double glazing, with beading supplied.
Door  nishing
There can be no guarantee against moisture ingress / loss related problems (such as swelling, shrinkage, warping, splits and open joints) if the door is not correctly coated with a quality exterior door  nish speci cally formulated to protect exterior doors.
Do not use non-permeable coatings on exterior doors. If using a water based product, this may lift the  bres of the timber veneer. Do not use waxes, polishes, dyes or oils (e.g. Danish oil) as they do not properly seal the door and can lead to delamination of the veneer. Do not apply varnishes to the door as due to the resinous nature of some hardwoods there can be adhesion problems causing a breakdown in
the coating.
Traditional hardwood feature and panel doors require full decoration prior to installation.
Please note that both hardwood and Oak products will vary in  nished appearance due to colour variation in timber materials.
Hemlock panel doors are often stain  nished on site, however, as ply panels may not match timber framing, and visible  nger joints may occur, this type of decoration may not achieve a satisfactory  nish. The use of paint  nish is therefore recommended.
FLB and LB doors must be  nished as soon as they arrive on site to prevent moisture movement.
None of these doors are treated with preservative. Decoration must be carried out in line with BS6150 and BS8000 Part 5.
Weather protection
To ensure door and door frame provide adequate performance in exposed situations, it is recommended that installation is within a porch or canopy. This is particularly critical with open in doors and pairs.
Storage, handling, installation,
maintenance and use
Storage and handling
Doors and doorsets should be stored and handled as prescribed in BS Code of Practice BS 8000 Part 5.
Doors and doorsets should be kept dry and clean inside the polythene packaging until immediately before painting/staining. Do not store or install in an area which may be subject to extremes of temperature. Use a dry, well ventilated building, in areas which have not been recently plastered.
It is essential that precautions are taken where there
is a risk of moisture content build up. Particular care is needed in centrally heated or air conditioned buildings.
Premdor must be informed at the time of tender and order whenever doors are needed for such buildings. The testing and rapid switching on and off of heating during the construction is detrimental to joinery.
Doorsets are heavy! Take care when lifting or handling. Consider fully any handling risk, including danger from glazed panels.
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