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Veneered &  ush door general speci cation
Door speci cation
Imperial doors: 35mm (13/8”) or 44mm (13/4”). Metric doors: 40mm (19/16”).
Fireshield: 44mm (13/4”).
Firemaster: 54mm (21/8”).
Please see relevant data sheet or contact Premdor for advice.
However, Premdor cannot guarantee matching grain or colour on standard veneered or Innova pairs.
Portfolio Veneer Match Charcoal and Light grey four line horizontal doors are not suitable for door pairs due to potential alignment issues.
In addition, rebated pairs, or pairs with a double acting hanging action must be ordered speci cally. Contact Premdor for more advice.
Standard veneers
Veneered doors are manufactured using commercially available veneer cuts and lipping’s.
As with any natural material, colour and graining does vary and should be expected, according to species.
Our standard veneer cut speci cations are:
Anegre – mixed crown, half crown & quarter cut
European Ash –mixed crown & half crown
Ash Innova 1 panel – crown or half crown centre panel,quarter. Cut stiles & rails
Steamed Beech – quarter cut only (slip match) Koto – quarter cut only
Maple – mixed crown, half crown & quarter cut Sapele – quarter cut only
American White Oak – mixed crown & half crown. White Oak Innova – 1p crown or half crown centre
panel, quarter. Cut stiles & rails
American Black Walnut – mixed crown & half crown
Portfolio Veneer Match
Veneer Match doors are made with full chain of custody (FSC®), engineered veneers that provide an industry leading colour and grain match.
As with all timber products, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause colour changes in
these veneers.
Doors are 35mm standard core for Durador and solid core for all other designs.
Doors are lipped two long edges as standard.
Paint grade doors are supplied with beads un nished ready for on site treatment. All other doors are supplied with beads to complement the veneer faces.
Drawings and photographs are intended as being illustrative only and do not represent a product offering. Colours and photographs depicted are as accurate as photographic and printing processes can allow.
Guaranteed for ten years against manufacturing defects.
Guarantees are subject to the products being treated in accordance with Premdor’s instructions for storage, handling, installation, maintenance and use and exclude ironmongery where applicable. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights.
For storage, handling, installation and maintenance information, please see page 168 & 169.
Standard core
Cost effective core speci cation, with single lock block at mid height, for light duty applications.
Solid core
A 35mm Solid core construction provides more than twice the weight of a standard core door providing a much sturdier feel.
Solid core provides the extra bene ts of added strength, durability and  exibility.
Fire door core
Flush  re doors feature either a modern, full, three layer, particleboard construction (PremCOR), or
a traditional framed up solid core / TubeCORE construction. Unless speci ed any core type could be supplied.
The ExtraCORE option is available in some ranges where extra trimming is required on site, such as with refurbishment situations. Approximately 40mm can be removed from each door stile or rail without affecting the integrity of the door. It is recommended that equal dimensions are removed from opposite edges. For full details please contact Premdor.
Fire doors
Premdor  re doors are compliant with British Standards and the BWF Certi re Scheme. See relevant data sheet for more details if required.
Fireshield is FD30 rated, when hung in appropriate frame with the correct intumescent strips in jambs and head, or top and long edges of the door. An
additional 15 x 4mm strip is required to the hanging edge or frame jambs and also frame head rebate. Glazed Fireshield doors are supplied with clear (unwired)  re rated glass as standard. Please see data sheet attached to door.
Firemaster is FD60  re rated when hung in appropriate frame with the correct intumescent strips in jambs and head, or top and long edges of door. Please see
data sheet attached to door.
CF 625 A 014049 PREMDOR Tel: 01226 383434
Glazed  ush  re doors
Premdor  ush  re doors are compliant with British Standard and are Certi re approved.
Glazed apertures must not be added retrospectively on site.
Building regulations
Flush doors are offered fully compliant with Building Regulations where applicable.
Fire safety: Standard doors are tested against BS 476 Part 22 and certi ed for use meeting Approved Document B.
Mobility: The range includes size options and designs suitable for use under Approved Document M.
For speci c information please check current Building Regulations.
FD30 glazing system  tted
Fitting FD30 glazing system
Acoustics: FD30  re doors have demonstrated a sound reduction value of 29RwdB, which can assist in meeting
the requirements needed for  at entrance systems against Approved Document E.
In all cases doors require to be hung appropriately, in a suitable frame with  tted perimeter seals and compliant hardware. Please contact Premdor
for details.
Scottish and Northern Irish Regulations may also be applicable on a Regional basis and doors are similarly compliant.
Environmental policy
Doors indicated are environmentally third party certi ed FSC® or PEFC.
Product availability
Items shown highlighted are available on a reduced lead time.
Where indicated, door prices include glass, but exclude ironmongery and frames. Popular and Paint Grade doors supplied will require on site  nishing. When ordering always state product codes. All prices exclude VAT. Speci cations may vary at our option.
for distributor & technical information | 0844 209 0008 |
Apertures to  re doors must only be added retrospectively by Premdor or by Premdor appointed “FAST”
licensed door processors, operating as members of the BWF/CERTIFIRE scheme. Modi cations made outside of this scheme will invalidate the product certi cation.
Location and contact details of “FAST” licensees available on request.

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