Page 113 - Premdor Range Guide 2017-2018
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Koto veneer
North American Maple veneer
Sapele veneer
Steamed Beech veneer
Light grey vertical four line
White oak veneer
Walnut veneer
Anegre veneer
Popular paint grade
Ebony vertical
Paint grade plus
Wenge vertical
Light grey horizontal
Light grey two stile
Light grey horizontal four line
Black & Light grey two stile
Mocha horizontal
Scandanavian horizontal
Scandanavian two stile
Silver or chrome effect  re rated letterplate and silver security cowl.
(Cowl must be  tted in conjunction with the letterplate)
TS008 security version available on request.
Door core speci cations
PremCor high density FD30 / FD60
All SoundSecure doorsets are made using Premcor.
PremCor is a high density core material, which requires no timber framing.
When correctly installed with suitable intumescent strips, this proven construction will provide certi ed  re resistant, acoustic and security performance.
Under door threshold
Extruded aluminium threshold prevents draught and smoke penetration. Hardwood threshold available upon request.
Drop seal
The variable height drop seal has a mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the  oor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres. The seal is self-levelling and when  tted with the under door threshold will accommodate an under door gap of up to 8mm.
This threshold seal has passed a 100,000 cycle test with ease.
Images are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.
Veneer / Veneer match
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