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SoundSecure - options
Door designs and  nishes
SoundSecure doorsets are available with any standard  ush, veneer match or moulded panel design. All designs feature a three layer high density partical board core, with concealed hardwood lippings on the long edges of the doors.
Ladder moulded
Innova© Ash veneer
1 panel moulded
Innova© white oak veneer
Horizontal 4 line moulded
Vertical 5 panel 2 panel smooth 2 panel arch
4 panel smooth / textured
4 panel arch top textured
6 panel smooth / textured
Ash veneer
top textured
Oak vertical
Ash vertical
Walnut vertical
Durador vertical
Oak two stile
Walnut two stile
Charcoal grey vertical
Charcoal grey horizontal
Charcoal grey horizontal four line
Standard ironmongery
All doorsets are supplied with a 3 point espagnolette lock with an anti bump EuroPro le cylinder incorporating an internal thumb turn. All cylinders are fully protected from attack by a high speci cation cylinder guard.
Lever handles are available in chrome (or optional silver) and can be  tted for use in either solid or split spindle modes.
A chrome 180 vision ‘frog eye” security eye viewer is supplied as standard.
In addition, a chrome (or optional silver) security door chain is included to complement the system.
Door widths
Doorsets are available in four standard door widths.
Chrome handles
& thumb turn key cylinder
(Silver option available)
Available designs
Moulded panel doors
All door faces have a white base coat ready for prompt on site  nishing. Please note that base coat and priming do not seal the door fully against moisture penetration on site.
Door thickness is 44mm
General speci cations
Chrome security eye viewer
(Mobility height eye viewer available)
Chrome security chain
(Silver option available)
Flush doors Portfolio range
Veneered door faces are fully  nished (excluding Popular paint grade and paint grade plus)
with lacquer to give a beautifully smooth hard wearing and wipe clean surface.
Door thickness is 54mm
range offers a true veneer consistancy of grain
pattern and colour between each and every door.
Made from real wood veneers with a smooth lacquer  nish.
Standard door size
Doorset overall size
838 x 1981 x 44mm
922 x 2038mm
864 x 1981 x 44mm
948 x 2038mm
914 x 1981 x 44mm
998 x 2038mm
926 x 2040 x 44mm
1010 x 2097mm
838 x 1981 x 54mm
908 x 2031mm
864 x 1981 x 54mm
934 x 2031mm
914 x 1981 x 54mm
984 x 2031mm
926 x 2040 x 54mm
996 x 2090mm
True veneer consistency - for every door
Special sizes available on request
For wall aperture size, add 10mm clearance to above dimensions
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