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Available in Standard Core, Semi Solid, Safe ‘N’ Sound and FD30  re door
options, excluding 5 panel smooth which is available in standard core and FD30 only.
Available in Solid core and FD30  re door options.
White Laminate Walnut foil plus
Available in Solid core and FD30  re door options.
Ladder moulded
Scandanavian horizontal
1 panel moulded
Scandanavian two stile
Horizontal 4 line moulded
Ebony vertical
Vertical 5 panel moulded
Wenge vertical
Design: 8G
2 panel smooth 2 panel arch top textured
4 panel smooth 4 panel arch
5 panel smooth moulded
6 panel smooth / textured
/ textured
Oak vertical
top textured
Available in FD30  re doors only.
Design: 1G Design: 3G Design: 7G
Design: 10G Design: 16G Design: 18G Design: 19G Design: 20G Design: 21G Design: 22G
Design: 23G
Oak two stile
Walnut two stile
Ash vertical
Walnut vertical
Durador vertical
Oak veneer match 16G glazed clear or wired
Ash veneer match 16G glazed clear or wired
Innova© ash veneer
Design: 24G
Innova© white oak veneer
Design: 25G
Design: 26G Design: 27G Design: 28G Design: 29G
Architrave types
Architraves are supplied unassembled, but cut to length, pre-mitred and machined for ‘butterfly’ joining clips to connect the components together. Final installation on site is completed by gluing the architrave into the pre-machined architrave groove in the door lining using a ‘no nails’ type adhesive.
White re-coatable foil faced finish frame and architrave requiring minimum on site decoration, therefore significantly easier to paint than a traditional primed MDF or timber lining.
Contemporary 58mm & 69mm
58mm & 69mm
58mm & 69mm
Additional information
Glazed doors
Glazed doors are supplied with glass meeting
the requirements of BS EN 12600. Factory glazed moulded, veneer and veneer match FD30 fire doors are available with either clear or wired glass.
Pairs of doors are supplied with square, unrebated meeting stiles. For ease of handling, these doorsets are delivered unassembled, apart from horizontal 4 line moulded and veneer match options which are not available.
Sound reduction option (44mm)
Sets with improved acoustic performance for use within domestic dwellings are available. These doorsets can be used where a 29dB sound reduction is required. Applies to single leaf doorsets only. Please contact Premdor for further details.
Accessory pack
All SpeedSet Plus doorsets are supplied with a pack containing all required fixing components, brackets, architrave joint clips, and screws.
N.B - Images are for illustration purposes only.
Options can be ordered on all doors where suitable. • Factory priming and edge banding optional.
• Non standard sizes.
• Factory glazing.
• Supply and  t intumescent seals to  re doors. Please see page 164 for further information.
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