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SpeedSet plus - internal doorset system
Adjustable internal pre-hung doorset allowing easy modi cation for variation within a given wall thickness.
The perfect solution for imperfect walls
Width adjustable SpeedSet Plus can quickly and
easily be adjusted by +/- 10mm to take up variation
in wall thickness. Except 77mm wide lining which only adjusts in the plus direction and 300mm which adjust in the minus direction only.
The smart way to...
Save time Reduce cost Ensure quality
Why is SpeedSet unique
SpeedSet Plus has the ability to adjust the width of the lining by +/- 10mm to allow for variation in wall thickness (with the exception of the 77mm and 300mm linings).
SpeedSet Plus is available for use with wall widths from 77mm and up to 300mm. Minimal tools required and no trained joinery skills required.
Rapid installation: doorsets can be installed in approximately 20 minutes.
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