Want to save time? Choose Pre Primed

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Want to save time? Choose Pre Primed

Published 14/10/2015

paint grade door from premdor

In this honest and captivating post, Kate Booth discusses how door manufacturers are evolving to keep up with the construction industry’s continued growth that also shows no sign of stopping.

A lot has changed within the construction industry in recent years. Health and Safety is much improved and of paramount importance to all. Technology and digital tools are nearly always utilised on-site and back in the office, with many of us accessing vital information via our smartphones or tablet devices.

All of the above points are arguably good, but the principal change that I wish to focus on in this post is the increase in output. The demand for new build homes and the increase in the number of bespoke projects has had a profound impact on all of us and as we all know too well, the public want everything yesterday!

I am thankful that the construction industry is booming after a depressing period of decline and I am elated that it shows no sign of slowing down. According to www.building.co.uk, the sector will grow by a further 23% by the end of 2018 and contribute over £12bn to the UK economy over the next two years alone. Whilst positive forecasts of this ilk make me very happy, this positive news is overshadowed by reports of a labour shortage. In order to facilitate the expected growth, research printed in Construction News indicates that the UK construction industry will require an additional 223,450 jobs over the next five years to handle the expected increase in output.

So, what do we do in light of all this – increased growth but a severe lack of workers? Those currently working within the industry will still be expected to complete jobs to the same high standard, but under reduced time constraints as the level of demand takes hold. This is what manufacturers supplying the construction industry need to consider. We should support contractors and end-users and endeavour to make their lives easier, allowing them to utilise their precious time more productively. We need to continue to manufacture products that are of the highest quality and guaranteed to last, ones that are also easy to prepare and install whilst on-site.

In relation to door choices, in particular, pre-primed Paintgrade doors fit the bill. Relatively new to the UK marketplace, these fuss-free, flush doors are factory pre-primed and therefore, arrive on site ready to paint. As the doors are paint ready, less coats of paint are required on-site, resulting in reduced decoration times, lower costs and a guaranteed winning finish. In addition, unlike traditional plywood doors, pre-primed paint grade doors do not require sanding or prepping prior to installation, perfect for when a timely installation is required!

As the timber industry becomes more and more environmentally conscious, most pre-primed paint grade doors are supplied with third-party environmental certification, including PEFC. This ensures that the all materials have been supplied in accordance with the principles of that particular forestry programme, providing assurance that the materials have been sourced from sustainable and responsibly-managed forests.

Fortunately, many UK door manufacturers have now realised the benefits of pre-primed paint grade doors and in order to keep up with the demand for this cost-effective, time-saving product, many timber and builders merchants now supply such doors from stock or on a reduced lead-time, ensuring that local contractors and end-users are duly supplied.

There is a common misconception in the market place that cheaper prices result in lower quality doors. This is not the case. The joinery industry is constantly evolving and door manufacturers continue to innovate and look for new ways to improve their door offering for the benefit of the entire Supply Chain. We know (only too well) that we need to continue supplying this demanding marketplace with high-quality, low maintenance doors at the right price and that is exactly what pre-primed paint grade doors provide for the benefit of all involved!