Are you Fire Door ready?

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Are you Fire Door ready?

Published 25/09/2017

Owning or managing housing in the UK comes with a whole host of responsibilities, one of great importance is fire safety.

Fire doors are legally required in many buildings in the UK. The number of fire doors required depends on the size and use of the building, the general rules stipulate that fire doors are required in the following situations:

• In domestic dwellings with 3 or more storeys, every door on the third floor or leading to the stairwell must be a fire door

• Where the door leads from a protected stairwell to a habitable room (not a bathroom)

• On loft conversions

• Between houses and internal garages

• On commercial properties fire doors must be fitted according to the fire escape route

It’s incredibly important to acquire the right specification of fire door, which also includes the frame, seals, ironmongery (includes locks and hinges) and glass: the rating of a fire door is dependent on all of these elements, not just the door leaf. The independent rating of the full doorset will inform you whether it is designed to resist fire for 30 or 60 minutes.

It’s thought that 3 million new fire doors are purchased and then installed in the UK every year. Unfortunately, many of these are neglected or misused after installation, rendering them ineffective or even dangerous in case of a fire.

Checks should be carried out every six months to check that the fire doors are still working - even more in the first year of a building’s occupation. Checks should be even more frequent where the doors are subject to high use.

The most common faults with fire doors are:

• Incorrectly installed or missing door seals

• Unsuitable hinges

• Damage to the door leaf or been repaired incorrectly

• Too large a gap around the door leaf

• Incorrect signage

• The door closer has been disabled

Everyone in a dwelling can contribute towards making the building safe – encourage your tenants to report any damage to fire doors to the “Responsible Person”

Remember: misusing a fire door is as bad as not having one. Fire doors should never be propped open, obstructed, damaged or inaccessible.

Many of our doors, including the entirety of our Portfolio collection, can be supplied as third party accredited and Certifire approved fire doors.

For more information on fire door safety take a look at the Fire Door Safety Week website: