Internal Doors – Choosing the right doors for the upstairs of your home

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Internal Doors – Choosing the right doors for the upstairs of your home

Published 22/11/2016

With so many different styles to choose from, selecting doors for the upstairs of your property has never been easier. There are some considerations, however, that must be taken into account when deciding on the style and function of your doors, such as:

  • Do you have a loft conversion?
  • Does your landing require multiple matching doors?
  • Do you have a home office that may require additional soundproofing?
  • Is there sufficient natural light in the rooms?

Choosing doors suitable for Loft Conversions

If you have a loft conversion, there are strict Building Regulations that determine the type of doors that are required for your home. In all homes that are built over two storeys, Building Regulations stipulate that fire doors (with the essential fire doorset components fitted) must be installed in all locations where habitable rooms lead to a stairwell. The only exception to this rule is bathrooms and toilets.

Although fire doors are required in these areas, it doesn’t mean that these doors need to be heavy and unattractive. Fire door technology has advanced drastically and many stylish door designs are now fire-rated, although you would never know from their physical appearance. Even the more decorative door designs that you may wish to choose to suit upstairs are available as fire doors, meaning that there is no need to compromise on aesthetics to meet safety requirements.

Do you require matching doors?

When selecting doors for your upstairs, you are likely to want to choose matching styles for a consistent look along your landing. A uniform look can make even the smallest landing appear well thought through and stylish doors are a great way to add detail when there isn’t any space for additional furnishing. The Portfolio range of engineered veneer doors offers matching doors in themed tones, which will not only look great on the landing, but will open up many design options for the interiors of the adjoining upstairs rooms.

Do any rooms require additional soundproofing?

With the increasing growth in remote working, many properties have a home office as standard. Whilst this is a great practical working solution, combining home and work doesn’t come without its challenges, especially if you have a busy family home. Choosing a door with soundproofing technology within its core, such as the Safe ‘n’ sound option from Premdor, is a great way of combining sophisticated design with practical requirements.

Is there sufficient light in your upstairs rooms?

Due to the nature of upstairs rooms, privacy is a practical consideration when choosing doors for bedrooms and bathrooms. If these rooms are lacking in natural light, however, a solid door may not be the best option. This is where doors with obscured glazing come into their own, as they allow light to travel through the upstairs of a property without compromising on privacy.

Choosing a multi-tasking door

If you are looking for a door that meets several elements of the above criteria, the new range of Factory Glazed Premium Oak fire doors from Premdor may provide the perfect solution. This stylish range of doors is available with a 30 minute fire resistance certification. Doors are available as both fire doors and standard doors, meaning that doors that may be required for homes above two storeys will match perfectly with doors on the lower floors.