Internal doors - What doors are best suited to the downstairs of a property

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Internal doors - What doors are best suited to the downstairs of a property

Published 22/11/2016

When selecting doors for the interior of a home there are several different considerations that need keeping in mind:

  • Do any of your internal doors need to be fire doors?
  • Does the living area connect to an adjoining garage?
  • How much natural light is there is in the room?
  • Does the hallway require multiple matching doors?
  • Do your doors need to be particularly heavy duty?
  • Is noise an issue?

Is it necessary for internal doors to be fire doors?

Fire doors are a necessity in many domestic settings, especially as more and more properties now have loft and basement conversions. Building Regulations state that fire doors need to be fitted in all homes over two storeys high, and the door of each habitable room that leads to a stairwell must be a fire door, although this does not apply to toilets or bathrooms. Fire doors are also needed between the house and an integral garage.

The common perception of fire doors is that they are ugly and cumbersome with the emphasis being on practicality rather than style. However with advancements in technology, and the increased need for fire doors within domestic settings, fire doors have improved dramatically in terms of aesthetics in recent years, so much so that many stylish internal doors can be selected as a fire door option, with no physical differences to the overall appearance.

It is worth noting that a fire door is only going to provide the required fire protection if it is properly fitted with the correct ancillary products.

Does the living area connect to an adjoining garage?

Kitchens commonly connect to adjoining garages for convenient access, however, when selecting the door to connect these two spaces it is essential that you choose a fire door with the correct ancillary products. As the above-mentioned Building regulations stipulate, fire doors are required for any door that connects a living space to an integral garage.

How much natural light is there is in the room?

When selecting a door for a room that doesn’t receive a great deal of natural light, a great solution for maximising all available light is to install a glazed door. This effectively allows light to travel throughout the home, whilst still enabling rooms to be closed off. Frosted glass is a good option for rooms where you may require a little more privacy, such as downstairs w/c’s or home offices.

Does the hallway require multiple matching doors?

When selecting doors for a hallway, a consistent design can look particularly effective. The Portfolio range of veneer doors, are particularly good for this purpose, as created with consistent grain and colour, to provide a perfect match. If budget is an issue, you may prefer to choose an unfinished style of door for home customization.

Does the door need to be particularly heavy duty?

For high traffic areas you may want to consider a heavier duty door that will withstand a higher level of wear and tear, such as the High Pressure Laminate range. This is a good option if you have pets or small children, as these doors will stand up to regular cleaning and the inevitable bumps and knocks that go hand in hand with a young family.

Is noise an issue?

Certain rooms within the home may require additional soundproofing to keep noise contained within the room, for example a home cinema or music room. That’s where Safe ‘n’ Sound technology comes into its own as the advanced core of the door helps absorb sound and prevents it from disturbing other areas of the home.

Ticking every box

You may wish to select a door style that is consistent throughout the entire home, this is where Premdor’s new Premium Oak Collection comes into its own. This range is available both with a standard core and with a 30 minute fire certification which enables second floor doors (which are required to be fire doors) to be matched with doors throughout the property. The Premium collection also offers pre-tested fire doors in glazed designs, something that hasn’t previously been possible for fire doors.