The Complete Guide to Maintaining Your Premdor door

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The Complete Guide to Maintaining Your Premdor door

Published 16/09/2016

Maintaining your Premdor Door

Once you have purchased your Premdor internal door you can rest assured that you have selected a quality product that will last for many, many years.

It goes without saying that routinely maintaining your internal doors will ensure that they remain in excellent condition. Regularly cleaning and checking that all hinges and locks are in good working order will undoubtedly help prolong the life of your doors.

This guide will give you help and advice on the following areas:

Maintaining Ironmongery
Fire Door Maintenance
How to Match


Dusting your door regularly with a soft duster will prevent dust from settling in the recesses and keep it looking in pristine condition. Different cleaning methods are applicable to different types of doors; for example:

Timber doors - If you want to give your timber door a little more TLC, you can apply paint and stains. Apply sparingly as build up will also show up any finger marks.

TOP TIP: Ensure the door surface is clean before applying any finish.

Moulded, flush and laminate doors – Under no circumstances should you use abrasive, solvent or industrial cleaning products as they may damage the surface of the door.

Maintaining Ironmongery

Routinely check hinges, latches and door furniture to ensure that it remains in good working order, especially in high traffic areas. Check that screws are all sufficiently tightened, and apply WD40 to areas that may be sticking or squeaking. Wear and tear can be prevented by using a lubricating oil on hinges, latches and handles.

Fire Door Maintenance

It is important to remember that Fire doors will only offer protection if they are properly fitted with the correct ancillary products, and if they are regularly maintained. In domestic settings, this includes checking the following:

Painting your door

Depending on the type of door that you have selected, it may arrive unfinished and require painting. The following tips can help you achieve a quality painted finish for your door:

  • Before you begin painting, always ensure that all components of the door are clean and dry.
  • Always adhere to the instructions provided by the paint manufacturer.
  • Apply the same number of coats to both sides of the door to prevent the door from distorting.
  • In the case of a SpeedSet Plus doorset installation, it is important to apply the entire paint system immediately (always refer to the enclosed Storage & Installation Document).
  • Paintgrade Plus doors arrive pre primed and white in colour. These doors are primed ready for painting and it is essential that they are painted immediately.
  • This step by step guide will show you how to paint a moulded door.


Applying a stain to a timber door can create a great effect. The following tips and advice will help ensure that you get the best possible results:

  • Before you begin staining your door, give it a good brush down and remove any dust.
  • If possible, test the stain on a similar coloured piece of wood or a hidden area of the door (such as the edge by the hinges) to check that you are happy with the colour. You may find that this looks different to how you expect once it is applied to the wood. If this is the case, please refer to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Stain should be applied evenly and each coat should be applied at the same time.
  • Always follow the grain of the wood and make sure to pick up any wet edges before they start to dry.

TOP TIP: Try to work quickly and apply the stain evenly, making sure there is no overlap.

How to Match Internal Doors

If your installation requires matching internal doors, an ideal choice of door would be from the Premdor Portfolio range. These doors feature consistent wood finishes, textures and colours, whilst maintaining their own unique grain patterns.


Depending on the damage, it is often possible to repair a door and get it looking as good as new. If the door in question is a fire door, it is essential that the repairs are carried out by someone who is accredited and approved by both Premdor and Certifire to ensure that you can maintain the BWF- CERTIFIRE certification.

Further Information

If you are looking for information and advice on caring for internal doors on site, or at the installation stage, take a look at these helpful downloadable guides.