Family Proof Your Home

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Family Proof Your Home

Published 12/10/2015

Family Proof Your Doors – The Stylish Way

When creating a home for family use, whether as a new build, renovation, or simply a revamp, one area that is often overlooked, but can make a surprising difference, are the internal doors.

Far from just being a means of passing from room A to room B, installing the right doors can have many benefits, which can be particularly relevant to family life. The three main benefits include:

    1. Fire protection
    2. Sound proofing
    3. Easy cleaning

    Aesthetics meet Function

    The danger that many families fall into when child proofing their homes, is to go too far into the safety zone (otherwise known as the ugly zone!), in the belief that practicality equates to putting your tastes on hold until the kids have left home. It is possible, however, to enhance the safety features in your home without compromising on style, especially when it comes to replacing the internal doors.

    When we think of ‘practical’ doors, such as fire doors or sound reducing doors, it is easy to assume that in order to meet these requirements the doors must be heavy, cumbersome, and most likely unattractive. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as Premdor’s range of stylish, yet functional Interior Doors proves.

    Enhance the Safety of Your Home with Fire Doors

    Fire doors are now a standard requirement for some new build properties and loft conversions, for the indisputable safety benefits that they provide. The increased aesthetics of fire doors mean that they don’t look any different to ‘normal’ doors.

    Having good quality, correctly installed BWF-Certifire fire doors fitted in the home will help slow down the speed in which fire and smoke can spread throughout the building, hence ‘buying’ valuable minutes. Premdor manufacture fire doors with 30 minute and 60 minute ratings, which literally translate as the amount of protection (in time) that each type of door offers.

    In the event of a fire, BWF-Certifire fire doors provide two valuable functions:

    • By restricting the flow of the smoke and fire through the home, fire doors enable you and your family to vacate the property through a designated escape route.
    • If, for whatever reason it is not safe to evacuate the property without addition assistance, fire doors will serve as a protective barrier against the smoke and fire (for the times specified above), ensuring that you remain safe until help arrives.

    Soundproof the Saturday Morning Trumpet Practice

    It goes without saying that the most popular time for children to want to make a lot of noise, coincides with the exact time that the rest of the family wants to have a lay in. It is also equally important that adults don’t have to creep around like mice at night in fear of disturbing the little darlings. This is where the Premdor Safe ‘N’ Sound option comes into its own. Consisting of solid core material, within a standard thickness door, Safe ‘n’ Sound doors provide the perfect combination of style and well needed peace and quiet.

    The Safe ‘n’ Sound option provides the optimum level of sound prevention that is ideal for areas where you would like to keep the sound locked in, such as utility rooms or TV/cinema rooms. Equally, Safe ‘n’ Sound also offers a great solution for rooms where you require sound to be locked out such as bedrooms and home offices, because it’s a well known fact that the second most popular time for children to create a racket, is just when you need to make that deal clinching phone call!

    Hand Print? What Hand Print?

    Day to day life inevitably takes its toll on the family home, with walls, light switches and doors bearing the brunt of young children’s sticky fingers. With this in mind, it is essential that high traffic areas are easy to maintain on a regular basis, in other words, they are wipeable.

    Many parents flinch at the idea of installing glazed doors, for one reason - the dreaded little fingerprints! Understandably, no one wants to spend their life polishing glass, but equally, it is a shame to have to compromise on style, especially when a glazed door can provide well needed light to a dark room. As a result, Premdor’s half glazed designs offer the ultimate solution of stylish glazing (with toughened glass for added safety) that is conveniently out of reach of little hands.

    The entire Premdor range offers easy clean solutions on both moulded and flush doors, with smooth finishes that prevent dirt from building up. However, the new high pressure laminate range goes a step further, as this range of doors is designed to withstand constant impact and can be frequently cleaned. Laminate doors can also be customised to fit any colour scheme proving, yet again, that practical doors can still be sleek and stylish.

    Invisible Benefits

    Another advantage of choosing from Premdor’s high quality range of doors is the insulating qualities that are incorporated within the door’s structure and core. This is undoubtedly a huge plus for the family budget, as good insulation ultimately delivers energy saving benefits in the form of reduced heating bills, further confirming that premium quality doors are a true investment to the home. Additional family friendly measures can also be put into place in terms of slam guards, which can be sympathetically installed without screaming ‘Kiddy Zone!’

    The beauty of the Premdor approach to family-proofing, is the invisible benefits that are offered. To everyone else (including potential future buyers), you will have a home installed with top of the range, stylish doors, whereas you are safe in the knowledge that within each door there is a core of protective features, designed with the sole purpose of keeping your family safe and sound