Give your house a facelift

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Give your house a facelift

Published 01/02/2018

Give your house a facelift

It’s the beginning of a new year, and time to get started on those home improvement projects we’ve been putting off for too long! Whether you have an idea in mind or are just itching for a change, we’ve got you covered.

Your external doors and windows are the first thing that a visitor will notice about your home. Wow your guests with a striking design from our Contemporary Timber range; with toughened glazed units to reduce heat loss and increase your sound proofing, it’s an economical choice as well as an aesthetic one, and still allows light to flood into your hallway.

Sprucing up your home with new interior doors

Our Moulded Doors are perfect for adding a little extra flair to the inside of your home. Pick traditional or more modern patterns to suit your home, and if you’re lacking daylight inside, a glazed Moulded Door may be exactly what you need.

Make your home energy efficient

If there’s one task that we know will save money and energy, it’s fitting double glazed windows and doors. Our Traditional Timber Doors come with toughened double glazed glass and a real hardwood veneer for strength; you can also paint or stain them straight away, and with FSC certified wood you’ll know you’re doing your bit for the world at large.

You’ll notice the difference almost immediately, and should see a reduction in your gas bills as it takes less effort to heat up your home. Try to remember to do the additional energy-saving exercises as well – turning off lights and replacing your bulbs with energy-efficient ones for example. You can also use a smart meter to keep track of your energy usage, as well as controlling energy and heating from an app on your smartphone.


No one wants to spend their weekend decluttering, but the relief you’ll feel once finished is definitely worth it. Take advice from the declutter experts and spend just a few hours at a time working on clearing a space or room. The trick is to be merciless when getting rid of things that you don’t need, but don’t try to get everything done at once!

Don't stress!

Doing your best is absolutely good enough. Don’t try to make your bedroom cupboard look like the ones you seen in catalogues: people don’t live in those. Aiming for perfection is the easiest way to be disappointed, so instead make it simple for you to live your life in. Usually the best way to not stress is to plan your projects in advance; we’ve got lots of information in our Advice Centre, and a team of staff ready to help.

If you’re feeling enthusiastic about having a fresh 2018, why not put that energy to good use and get your house sorted for the new year?